Dear friends,

From now until 15th of Septemer of 2014 the registration period is open to participate in the IV edition of Solar Race Region of Murcia, to be held in street circuit in the city of Murcia on 17th, 18th and 19th of October 2014. 

Remember that you can fill the registration form now to volunteer at the fourth edition of the Solar Race 2014 Murcia through this link. Send your request and we will contact you.

We inform that soon will be released the official rules for this year's race, via the website. Here will come detailed background information, terms of vehicle design, safety, and other regulatory penalties to note in this new edition of the Solar Race.

Stay tuned!

Greetings to all!

We announce that the team registration deadline for the Region of Murcia Solar Race 2014 will be opened in the coming days. Stay tuned to social networks and the web to inscribe to the fourth edition of the competition, which will take place on 17 18 and 19 October.

Dear friends,

Following our last email sent from the Regional Development Agency of Murcia Region (INFO Murcia ) last February 21st, 2014 , we get back in touch with you to inform you that, as we anticipated , it was decided to postpone the celebration of the new edition of SOLAR RACE to October 2014 , and to point out to the exact date of celebration, which will be on 17, 18 and 19 (October 2014) .